Best Brokers for Social Trading, Binary Options and Forex

2options.com is a binary option trading platform. Binary options - also known as digital options or fixed return
options - are becoming more and more popular in our days all over the world. Investors highly consider
binary options in periods of market instability. Known-in-advance return, wide range of expiry time-points as
well as no liquidity or execution issues are significant advantages of binary options.

2options.com trading platform can be used for private and institutional investors worldwide. Their platform
has the following characteristics:

1.100% web based
2.No requirement of software download
3.No requirement of other previous trading experience
4.User-friendly interface
5.Direct and accurate settlement of investor’s transactions
6.2options special feature: 10% of the invested amount is paid back even if your option expired out of the

Their platform’s pricing and execution modules brought a new era in the online trading market. The use of
the most up to date and advanced technologies allow them to ensure your safety, convenience and

Trading is available at any time as far as the chosen asset is being traded in the relevant market, plus they
receive accurate data streams from their data provider - Thomson Reuters. It is strongly recommended to
go through their terms and conditions and become fully aware of the difference between the real time market
price - according to which their options expire - and the level they offer options at.

Clients funds are held in a segregated account. Funds are used only for trading options through their website
upon client’s instructions and not being used for any other cause. Their liabilities and exposures are
professionally handled and they guarantee payouts of your profits based on their terms.

2options.com and collaborators consist from persons experienced in Forex trading, derivatives, risk
management, payment processing as well as international laws and legislation.

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Best Brokers for Social Trading, Binary Options and Forex